Tranny heroines struggle an toasty battle

Was sick of this towheaded breezy. I desired to end her once and for all and display her who the genuine Super Heroine was around here. As we fought huge and swift, our clothes commenced to come off. I had my tee-shirt ripped off first so my 100 % pure baps were in full glance…
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Tranny Escort Attacks Stranger’s Backside

My mother warned me all about not knowing where I’m going. I was are simply talking away on my box phone when I handed these three huge-chested hookers talking to each other. I didn’t think anything of it, until one of them attacked me and pinched me down. Holy bullshit, she was so powerful! She corded me up and put gauze over my throat soon after unclothing me nude…
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Doctor’s error turns out significant for fresh transgender princess

In a drug-induced daze, I woke up in the hospital are just after my surgery, trying to make heads or tails of everything around me. I couldn’t feel the ache in my appendix anymore, so that was good. But something felt clearly odd. This molten nurse came to check on me and asked how I was doing, and I went to say something when I felt my pecs…
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PVC Playtime

Polly and Pam were no simple lezzy duo. They were addictited to PVC and snatch pummelling with public displays of sultry pornography. Pam may have had the titanic mounds and great chunky slick gams, but she as well carried a strung up and mischievous lollipop inbetween her lady thighs, it was a sizeable weapon…
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Costumed Guy Becomes Full Fledged T-girl

I couldn’t believe that I was invited to a party! I never drawing invited to anything except funerals, and when I heard it was a costume party, I raced to the costume shop to present one. All there were left were escort garments, but I figured nothing was going to stop me to getting to this soiree. I had to admit, I made a amazing…
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Helpful Wait Staff

“Please have a seat, my dear”, my date said to me as we were finally sitting down for a ultra-cute dinner. The place was filled with high-brow dudes as per usual, but the wait staff was fairly unique! I mean, it’s not like they were rude or anything, but they were fairly luxurious in a undoubtedly demonstrable way, if you know what I mean…
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Tranny fairies use and abuse fallen Greek fellow

Out on my normal stroll around the city, I came via this narrow old wooden bridge that I was definitely could still support my weight. Of course I realized this was a skimpy budge and after I broke through and started plummeting. Are clearly as I was are just about to fall to my death, 2 mystical fairies swooped down and caught me. Well I was relieved, and a little turned on, as this type of fairies had clearly real titties with fat chisels to go with them! I was even more turned on when they embarked to deep-throat me off while in the air. What was I to do? They are basically saved my life! So they each slid their chisels into both my fuckholes, penetrating me in tempo while my own wang was cascading damp. We porked so rigid and lengthy that we all came many times over, each more pleasurable than the last. But fuckers, they dropped me into the water below anyway! I guess used and abused is nicer than untouched!
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She-male Abduction In The Park

The 2 superb women were walking in the park minding their own business when they were accosted by two fellas who approached them. The fellas took the ladies back to their place and bound them up so they were totally helpless. As they removed their outfit, the people got a shock finding out that the ladies were actually folks. But they were…
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Ladyboy goes from shamed to satisfied

I was sitting in yet another boring class, are undoubtedly just prepared for the school bell to ring. I didn’t realize that I dozed off, but I was having this luxurious dream where I was having passionate hook-up right in the middle of class! It was nearly also juicy, because I woke up to my huge stiffy pulverizing out from under my mini-skirt! I thought maybe I could give it a prompt squash sans anyone…
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Transgender princesses teach Peeping Tom a lesson

Boy, I needed to create me a piece of that white shlong! Those schoolgirl uniforms that these blondie sluts are wearing leave lil’ to the imagination, but the way they make my bone dribble in excitement leads me to want more. I devised a plan, and went over as…
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